Monday, November 28, 2005

Products Without Inventory or Investment

We've introduced a new calendar to our offerings. View and order it at:

All photos were taken in the great Washington DC area. Some are from famous gardens, others from backyards. Some professionally landscaped -- others more homespun. We wanted to keep a variety of images to inspire and amuse you throughout the year.

I really just wanted to make the calendar as a nice promo or gift item to order for our company, but if others enjoy it and order a few that is a great side benefit.

I've been singing the praises of for a few years now. I love them! What are they? A web site that allows you to put a design on various products - tshirts, mugs, mousepads, etc. and you can order just those you want and have them within 2-3 days. Your "customers" go to the site and order exactly the size and style they want. No need for you to invest anything but your time to make and upload the initial design. You carry no inventory stock -- so you are not stuck with 50 size "M" tshirts in yellow when all your customers want pink in size "S." The product prices are not the cheapest but they are good quality and have stellar customer support.

I started using them with a club I'm in and think they are great for family reunions and such. This is ideal for small companies and entrepreneurs just starting out. When I began last January, it was simple to design polo shirts and hoodies to wear at local gardening events. Tote bags were done as contest prizes and buttons as promotional giveaways. I've added other items that I thought our readers might enjoy as well.

I'm working on a few new designs to add to Washington Gardener offerings -- some logos incorporating DC landmarks with flowers -- experimenting really with what is immediately recognizable. Hmmm, how would the White House look sprouting flowers?

If you decide to give a try, please tell them "WashGardener" referred you.

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