Sunday, November 06, 2005

Meeting Readers

Yesterday was so nice out that I held a yard sale. I'd been planning one since last April and this was the first Saturday morning I've been home and weather cooperated. What was interesting was the number of people who came by just to ask gardening questions. Many were unaware of the magazine, but had watched the evolution of my corner from all turf to all garden beds over the past five years. Lots of compliments as well which is gratifying.

A few did mention reading this blog, the magazine, or visiting the web site. A pleasant surprise! Sometimes when your write/edit at home and put things out their on the web or send out the magazine that it is just going out into some big abyss and you never hear any feedback -- good or bad. Working from home is fairly isolating that way and you never know if what you are doing is a hit or miss or even going in the right direction.

The only scheduled event I have left this year to meet readers (and potential new ones) at is the Brookside Garden of Lights in Wheaton, MD. I'll be there on the eve of Saturday, December 17 with a table and hoping to capture the last-minute-gifts crowds for magazine subscriptions for area gardeners.

I'm thinking of doing a local market as well in the next few weeks -- like Georgetown Flea Market or Eastern Market on Capitol Hill -- if the weather stays as pleasant as it has been. Will see how things pan out schedule-wise.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear from you on your thoughts about DC area gardening, our publications, this blog, whatever...

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