Monday, November 14, 2005


As most busy DC professionals are, I'm always looking for time management tips. Somewhat related to that, I'm also interesting in simple living movement and getting rid of unnecessary clutter in your life both literally and figuratively. So I was toying with both trends and thinking of how I could apply them to gardening and maybe write an article or two on the related topics. So I googled "multitask" to see if any inventive folks out there ever do multiple gardening chores at once at how it worked. I got this definition:

multitask: n. Often used of humans in the same meaning it has for computers, to describe a person doing several things at once

Huh?!? Isn't that a bit backwards? Wasn't the human concept first starting way back from the caveman days when mom's propped their infants on one hip while gathering berries with the other? I wish I could locate this poor techno-soul and straighten their head out. If anybody out there needs a more simple life and a bit of green plant exposure it'd be him/her!

Anyway, got any garden time-savers or multitasking tricks? Send them my way!

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  1. Can't think of any offhand but I'll relate my favorite recent example of it out in the world. Saw a guy taking the up elevator in a Metro station WHILE TYPING ON HIS LAPTOP.


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