Tomato Tasting Results

Here are the results of the first annual Washington Gardener Magazine's Tomato Tasting at the Silver Spring FreshFarm Market.

  • Sun Sugar ~ 42 votes

  • Evergreen ~ 20 votes

  • Cherokee Purple ~ 14 votes

  • Red Grape ~ 10 votes

  • Mystery Yellow ~ 5 votes

  • Brandywine ~ 3 votes
We had almost 100 taste ballots turned in. (Many more folks tasted-and-dashed, declining to vote or thinking we were some kind of free food free-for-all.) I'm now a convert to Sun Sugar - my previous favorite Sun Gold pales in comparison. Many commented they will be growing Evergreen in their gardens next year, it was a surprising solid second. Most of the tomatoes were heirlooms and all came from farmers at the market. Spiral Path Farm was the source for the top three entries. The Mister/Miss Tomato Head activity was also a big hit -- I'm estimating 40 children took part. My next post will contain TomatoHead photos of some of the fanciful creations. The winner of the prize drawing for a big basket of garden and market goodies was Barry E. Shapiro of Silver Spring, MD.


Jackie said…
Thanks for the taste test results. I'm definitely going to grow Black Cherry next year!

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