On the Radio...

In addition to several other projects I've got going, I've been "appearing" pretty regularly on WMET's Garden Gurus radio show. The show is hosted by a local garden center, Behnkes Nurseries, and airs on Saturday mornings from 8-9:30am. (They recently changed time slots -- it used to be 9-11am). You can listen live on 1160AM if you are in the DC area or tune in via the Internet link on their web site from anywhere.

One great feature is the archived shows on the WMET web site. I like to listen to the shows I've missed because I was out of town or at some gardening event. Many times I call into the show to talk about where I'm at that day and other local green events, earning me the nickname of the "Garden Gurus' Roving Reporter."

Doing the show is fascinating to me as I've never been a big listener of talk radio, so most of it is new to me. Seeing it behind-the-scenes makes you really appreciate all the effort that goes into it. The "live" aspect is probably the most daunting. I've learned that having written notes works best for me -- even if I don't end up using most of them. It is good to have something to fall back on -- nothing is worse on radio than dead silence!

The most fun aspect is the calls from listeners -- you never know what they will ask. They can lead you astray into a whole different topic and the show takes on a life of its own. The time flies on the show and I'm always shocked when it is over so quickly.


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