Gardening Events Still in Season

Even though it is the end of the traditional growing season in our zone, it is still busy with local gardening events. (My excuse for not posting here that much this past week or two!)

Of course the big news is the Titan Arum at the U.S. Botanical Garden (USBG) blooming now. I've been keeping the list serv discussion group ( sign up at updated daily on the progress since I got word last week of its impending stinky debut. I'll post photos of the opening progression to the list serv group later today as well. If you go to the USBG ( in person, also check out the "sLowlife" exhibit -- interesting theories and point-of-view on plant life. Lastly, while at the USBG, you'll want to see the holiday train display. All of the buildings of the DC mall were created in miniature using plant materials such as cedar leaves.

Also happening is the Brookside "Garden of Lights" display in Wheaton, MD ( As a sponsor of the event, I attended the preview night last Friday with several other invited groups and had a great time walking through the displays and viewing the indoor mum show (which ends this Sunday). Even though it was a bit chilly, it really does put you in the holiday mood. Started me thinking just how I could do some more creative lights in my own garden to take advantage of a few focal points and features. I especially liked their "gold fish" and "sea creature in the ponds and the "lightening" storms outlined on tall trees. This display does not include your typical holiday symbols, but instead focuses on plants, insects, and other natural creatures. It was also nice to be walking through it, rather than driving as other area park displays do. I'll be back again on December 17 with an information table on the magazine -- hope to see many of you there!


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