Discussion Group Started

A new subscriber asked if we had a discussion forum and we didn't - but we do know! :-).
To sign-up, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WashingtonGardener/
It is free, easy, and you can sign-off it at anytime, if you wish.

It is open to anyone, but obviously the overall subject is gardening in the greater DC area. I plan on sparking conversations every once in a while with probing questions, controversial subjects, and fun games. I'm hoping to get a nice level of participation in the group -- a steady stream, but not so much that people's email inboxes are flooded.

Personally, I'm addicted to list servs and am on many -- from writer's groups to the neighborhood association to my church's young adults group. Most are easy to keep up with just a few notes a day. I have left two this year that were just getting to be too much to keep up with. One was the bordering town's list that kept getting 100s of posts a day on people fighting over politics. It was actually fascinating reading, but I had to get off it so I could reclaim that hour or so it took of my life every day! The other was DC WebWomen, I plan on rejoining it at some point. Most of their technical issue posts did not pertain to me and they also had frequent off-topic posts on women's work issues that I found thought-provoking, but again too much on a daily basis and something I'll need to "find the time" to get into again.

If the Washington Gardener list ever got to that point, I'd consider splitting it into different subjects or areas, but for now I'm getting ahead of myself. I will just set back and see how it grows...


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