Saturday, July 06, 2024

We WON the Horti!

We received great news this week that we won the first-ever BEST PODCAST Horti Award held by GardenComm! Thanks to all who voted for GardenDC and congratulations to all the other Horti Award winners and to the Laurel Award silver medal winners.

BTW, I didn't enter the GardenDC Podcast in the Laurels this year, since we won a Gold Laurel last year and I really hoped we'd get this People’s Choice Horti Award, as these new Horti Awards are the gardening media equivalent to a hall of fame for publications, products, and other communication platforms in our industry -- similar to the Toy Foundation™’s Toy of the Year® (TOTY®) Award -- it is voted on by the people who purchase and/or use them.

NOTE that GardenDC: the award-winning podcast about Mid-Atlantic Gardening is taking a short summer break and will be back with new episodes soon. While there is no new episode today, we recommend you re-listen to a past favorite or catch up on some that you might have missed. We also have the following suggestion of an episode of another gardening podcast that we think you will enjoy:

The Joe Gardener Show: Episode 372
Groundcover Solutions for Difficult Spaces and Turf Lawn Reduction

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We welcome your questions and comments! You can leave a voice mail message for us at: Note that we may use these messages on a future episode.

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