Saturday, October 15, 2022

GardenDC Podcast Episode 124: Raised Bed Gardening with Joe Lamp'l

In this episode, we talk all about raised bed gardening with Joe Lamp'l, founder of and author of The Vegetable Gardening Book: Your complete guide togrowing an edible organic garden from seed to harvestThe plant profile is on Osage Orange Trees and we share what's going on in the garden as well as some upcoming local gardening events.

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SHOW NOTES: 01:00 Introducing Joe Lamp’l, TV show host, author, and founder of 01:45 Joe growing up with a green thumb 04:21 What does Joe’s garden look like? 07:29 Joe’s current projects 11:28 “The Vegetable Gardening Book” 13:13 Why garden in a raised bed? 15:44 Soil temps matter. “To a seed, it really is amazing how they can detect a few degrees. It does make a difference.” - Joe 16:43 Controlling grow space and soil composition 19:05 Best bed building material 22:03 What to be wary of using for raised beds 25:02 Joe shares: “One thing I really wish I would have done before I filled them…” 26:06 “All of a sudden I hear this slrrrrrp and it’s just literally sucked into the void!” -Joe 28:10 Raised bed kits 30:11 Metal and Stone 33:56 Does size matter? 37:06 What do you fill the beds with? 39:52 Joe’s secret recipe 41:51 High-quality compost 47:57 How we handle weeds 51:15 Joe’s bed accessory recommendations 54:01 How to reach Joe 54:46 This week’s plant profile… Osage orange (Maclura pomifera)! 57:12 What’s new in the Garden? Purple is in season, deer fence, and tomato harvesting 57:50 What’s going on around town? Food recovery, virtual talks, and a garden of light

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Episode Credits:
Host and Producer: Kathy Jentz
Editing: Brandie Bland
Show Notes: Jaime Breeden


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