Saturday, April 23, 2022

GardenDC Podcast Episode 101: Sustainable Lawn Care

 In this episode, we talk with Paul Tukey, Director of Environmental Stewardship at Glenstone Museum in Potomac, MD, all about organic lawn maintenance. The plant profile is on Epimedium and we share what's going on in the garden as well as some upcoming local gardening events.

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Show Notes: 1:14 Meet Paul Tukey of Glenstone Museum and learn all about organic lawn maintenance! 2:18 “If my grandmother didn’t make it, grow it, or bake it, he wouldn’t eat it.” — Paul talks about his grandfather not eating store-bought food 3:06 “She saw the lawn as a buffet table.” — Paul tells a story of his grandmother steaming dandelions 5:36 Paul talks about how he started his lawn mowing business — “I came from a family of workers.” 7:48 Paul retired from journalism at the young age of 29! 9:40 Paul mentions how killing dandelions with chemicals caused his health problems and made him an organic lawn care activist 11:17 “Going organic is not going ugly.” — Paul 11:57 Paul tells a story of how he had an epiphany in a local department store 14:11 Paul discusses why chemicals are prevalent in American stores 17:14 “People say lawns are bad. Lawns are not bad, it’s how we care for lawns that are bad.” 18:04 Paul talks about his documentary about how Hudson, Quebec, became the first town in North America to ban lawn chemicals 22:09 How Paul became involved with Glenstone Museum 29:45 Paul mentions his grandmother’s “Poop Loop of Life” philosophy 31:05 “You have to think of your soil as alive.” — Paul 33:04 “Anytime somebody’s calling something ‘organic-based,’ that’s a massive red flag.” — Paul 33:54 Kathy defines Glenstone Museum as “an art museum with an extensive sculpture garden.” 34:28 Paul describes Glenstone Museum 37:54 “The birds can tell that there’s no pesticides on this property.” — Paul 38:48 Kathy mentions her favorite part of Glenstone Museum 40:23 First steps for taking care of a suburban lawn and eliminating weeds 48:44 What to look for in a service you’re hiring to maintain your lawn 49:28 Why you should leave your grass clippings on the lawn and let clovers grow 56:48 How to contact Paul 57:23 Learn about the Barrenwort in this week’s Plant Profile! 59:24 What’s new in the garden: pink lilies of the valley are blooming! 59:59 News in the gardening world: Leesburg Flower & Garden Festival, FONA Garden Fair & Plant Sale, Montpelier Festival of Herbs, Teas & the Arts, and April issue of the Washington Gardener Magazine 1:02:20 Check out “The Urban Garden: 101 Ways to Grow Food and Beauty in the City” by Teri Speight and Kathy 1:03:13 Channel you inner artist with Let’s Make Art

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Episode Credits:
Host and Producer: Kathy Jentz
Editing and Show Notes: Dorvall Bedford


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