Saturday, February 12, 2022

GardenDC Podcast Episode 91: Outdoor Lighting

In this episode, we talk with Tony Weaver and Karen Olson Weaver of Olson Weaver Lighting Design about outdoor lighting. The plant profile is on winter aconite and I share some local native plant resources as well as some upcoming events.

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Show Notes : 1:09 Meet Tony Weaver and Karen Olson Weaver! 2:15 “Was this your baby, your brainchild?” — Kathy asks about Karen’s company 5:03 “I think it’s worked out really well.” — Karen talks about what it’s like to work with her son 8:23 Tony talks about how customers find their company 11:00 “Hillwood is such a fantastic area.” — Tony discusses notable clients 12:00 “Tony is a little bit modest. He does bring so much to our business.” — Karen 15:03 “Every client is different.” — Tony talks about knowing what clients want 15:55 Kathy asks Karen about landscape lighting pet peeves 18:44 Tony’s pet peeve — formulaic lighting 20:01 Tony describes the elements of outdoor lighting 25:45 Karen talks about the popularity of bistro lighting during the pandemic — “I guess people missed the café experience.” 29:47 Karen describes the sound of water in a garden — “It’s just like the sound of crunching of gravel.” 30:21 “That’s what I call motion in lighting.” — Karen 31:03 Great trees for lighting 36:39 “Here’s what I’ve noticed…” — Karen describes how to work around street lights 42:45 “In the front yard, people don’t want drama and mystery.” — Karen 44:36 How to contact the Weavers 44:57 Karen and Tony’s website: 45:22 “One thing about entrepreneurs: they just love to talk business!” — Karen 46:30 Learn about the winter aconite in this week’s Plant Profile! 48:19 What’s new in the garden: first crocus popped up in the garden and many snow drops are out 48:40 Upcoming events and sources: 35th Annual Lahr Symposium, 7th annual Mountain Maryland Native Plant Festival, Native Plants for the DMV website, Nuts for Natives blog 50:58 Celebrate spring at the National Garden Bureau online book party After listening to this, you might want to listen to these past episodes about Garden Design: ~ GardenDC Podcast Episode 89: Working with a Landscape Designer https://washingtongardener.blogspot.c... ~ GardenDC Podcast Episode 38: Art in the Garden https://washingtongardener.blogspot.c... ~ GardenDC Podcast Episode 32: Garden Tours, Private European Gardens, and Goldenrod https://washingtongardener.blogspot.c...

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Host and Producer: Kathy Jentz
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  1. Good point about how the use of bistro lighting depends on the architecture of the house. We used bistro type lights in our side yard garden but could not string them overhead. Instead we hung them along the fence and arbor. It really brought a whole new dimension to that garden!

  2. Very informative, especially for landscape designers.


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