Monday, June 03, 2019

Intern Intro: Meet Sasha

This summer, we have just one editorial intern. As a first assignment, I asked her to write a short introduction to our readers...

Hello, everyone! My name is Alexandra Marquez, although most people call me Sasha. I am a rising junior journalism and anthropology major at the University of Maryland and I’ll be working as an intern for Washington Gardener Magazine through August. I am a Silver Spring, MD, local and my mother is a gardening enthusiast, so I grew up with a beautiful backyard filled with colorful flowers and delicious fresh herbs and vegetables. I already have an appreciation for local gardening, but I’m excited to learn even more! I previously covered science and technology for The Diamondback at the University of Maryland, so I’m incredibly excited to expand my writing skills by covering all things gardening! My high school newspaper, Silver Chips, also served the local Silver Spring and Takoma Park communities, so I’m excited to connect with people from my hometown again as well. All in all, I’m hoping to have a great summer growing tomatoes, learning about gardening and writing to serve the great Washington Gardener community. I’m looking forward to meeting you all at different events and gatherings throughout the summer and I hope you’ll come introduce yourself if you happen to see me!

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