Friday, October 20, 2017

Fenton Friday: Potato Surprise

We had a frost scare earlier this week, but we made it through unscathed. A good thing too, as I was so busy getting the October issue of Washington Gardener Magazine out that I took no precautions. Zero. Zilch. At that point, I didn't care what lived or died. I was ready to sack the whole plot and start all over, if need be. Have you ever gotten to that point in the season?

Well, I got over it. Because the weather actually warmed up, I went out and put a row cover on the Broccoli seedlings and I cut down all the Cotton plants and harvested the heads to make into a wreath. (I'll share the wreath results once I finish it.) I then planted 16 cloves off Garlic.

With the interns, we pulled out the last of the 'Roxanne' and 'French Breakfast' Radishes and put in seeds for 'Cherry Belle' in their place.

While I was digging the spot for the Garlic, I turned up one Potato (pictured here). That was a surprise as I did not plant any this year, but I had in previous years. Potatoes are the plant that just keeps on giving -- no matter how deep I dig and how well we think we sift the soil, you always miss something. In this case, it is a welcome discovery. One small potato won't make much of a meal, but I can add it in with something else and happily eat it knowing there is likely more next year where this one came from... 

How is your edible garden growing this week?


  1. Kale, collards, and Swiss chard are doing really well in my garden and the community garden where I volunteer. I’m going to try a late spinach sowing for overwintering under low hoops — I had a wonderful harvest last year! It’s been unusually warm in Western North Carolina this October and we’ve yet to have a frost. I need to plant my garlic!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. And you remind me that I had intended in seeding in some late Spinach too -- maybe trying it in a container as a trial. Let me know how yours does.

  3. I love garden surprises and like yours my garden certainly gives me plenty. I still have peppers and eggplant producing but it won't be long before the shorter days make them quit. Kale and chard are now filling out. I love being able to pick fresh produce and herbs from the garden.


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