Sunday, October 01, 2017

DIY: Flower Garland

Fall is the time in our gardens that the annual flowers are ending and we are planting cool-season blooms. It is also the time of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. The days are getting shorter and we are spending more time indoors. So I thought, why not pull out the last of my marigolds and make a traditional Indian flower garland? A little "sunshine" brought inside is always a good thing. Here is how to make one yourself in a few easy steps.

1: Gather marigold flowers from your garden or buy a bouquet of mums, carnations, or other sturdy flowers.
2: Gather your other supplies including: floral snips, wire cutters, floral wire, and ribbon (if desired). 
3: Snip all the flowerheads off their stems.
4: Cut a 2.5 foot length of thin-gage flower wire.
5: Make a loop at the end of the wire for hanging and as a stopping point so the flowers don't slide right off. 
6: Begin adding in your marigolds by threading the wire lengthwise through the flowers. String them on as if adding beads to a necklace. It is best to do them all in the same direction.
7: Once you have strung all the flowers on that you desire, create a second loop at the open end of the wire (cut off any excess wire). Add a ribbon for hanging, if you like.
8: Display your garland. Drape it over a mirror, doorway, or have it spilling out of a vase.

Bonus tip: These last a few days usually. If your garland starts to look a bit sad, you can give it an extra few days of "life" by soaking the whole thing in a big bowl of ice cold water for an hour or so. Then hang it to drip-dry over a sink or tub. It will be refreshed and looking like new.

These floral garlands are fun to wear as well. You can make them for the Mexican Day of the Dead or for a special occasion like an autumn wedding.

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  1. Beautiful flower garland. I really liked it. Great thanks for sharing the simple steps for making this beautiful marigold flowers garland.

    Landscaper Rye


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