Tuesday, September 01, 2015

DIY: Compost Bin

Guest blog by Gaby Galvin

Ever thought about composting and then changed your mind because you don’t want to see a big smelly pile in your backyard? Let those fears wash away, because this easy DIY compost bin will take only about 10 minutes to put together, though you’ll be seeing the benefits for a long time after. Compost is full of nutrients and will help your garden look its best, not to mention it’s eco-friendly.

  • Storage bin (you can use an old one with cracks)
  • Drill


1. Drill random holes all over the storage bin, including the bottom and lid.

They should each be about an inch apart.

2. Fill the bin about a fourth of the way with dirt. This can be any excess dirt

you have or some cheap topsoil mix.

3. Add plant trimmings and fruit and vegetable scraps, especially peels or cores.

When considering whether to add something, think of whether it came from

the ground. Food with salt, butter, dairy, and meat are not okay to add.

4. Add some water to make the mix moist and shake it up.

You can put this bin anywhere outside, including on a deck or patio. Every time you add something to the bin, you’ll want to shake it up and add a little bit of water to keep it moist. You’ll have usable compost in as little as six months, but if you really want to quicken the process, consider adding some worms and cutting up what you add so they decompose faster!

About the author:
Gaby Galvin is a Washington Gardener Magazine summer 2015 intern who is studying multiplatform journalism at the University of Maryland. She does some gardening at home in Davidsonville, MD, with her mother and grandparents. 
This is the second in a 5-part series on DIY projects for the home gardener. Look for the next installments in this DIY blog series on the 1st of each month (through December 2015) here at washingtongardener.blogspot.com.

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