Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Video Wednesday: Community Garden Tour with Above-Ground Cistern

Here is a short tour of the brand new Fenton Street Community Garden in downtown Silver Spring, MD. Every Friday on this blog, I've been giving you little updates on what is growing in my plot there, but I thought it'd be nice if you all had a video of the entire garden and some of the more notable features. In particular, everyone asks about the deer fence and about the above-ground cistern. The cistern does command attention as it is a huge, dark, elevated structure that can be seen from all angles daily by the thousands of passing motorists, bike trail users, metro commuters, etc. I've heard it called a "big UFO" and a "giant tank," both of which are pretty apt descriptions.

If you are reading this post anywhere else on the Web aside from the Washington Gardener Magazine blog, you likely won't be able to see the actual video. To watch it, go directly to

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