Fenton Friday: Growing and Sowing

New Plot Marker
 We got our official plot markers now. Aren't we spiffy?

My bush beans and corn, planted just a week ago, are all up and looking really good. Need to note for next year that the earlier planted beans were totally skeletonized - both in my plot and in all the others at the community garden - so planting them later (mid-late June) to avoid the particular insect menace may be the best solution.

In case you missed it, on Wednesday I posted a video tour of the Fenton Community Garden and in particular the deer fence and cistern. Check it out here.

Kentucky Pole Bean seedling
I'm having an Open Garden on Sunday afternoon. (Details here.) I figure that if anyone is interested also in the community garden plot, we can walk on over for a quick -outside-the-fence tour too.

Maybe some of the more experienced edible gardeners will be able to tell me if my potatoes are ready for a first layer/mounding of soil and if my purple tomatillos are ready to harvest. (And if so, what to do with them. Salsa?)
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