Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Tree ID Walk Opens My Eyes

I made an album with notes of the trees that were identified yesterday on the Casey Tree's Winter Tree ID walk. Since it was taking place about a mile from me in NW WDC and was free, I decided to tag along even though I thought I knew those neighborhood streets and the trees there fairly well. We started at 16th and Kalmia and ended at North Portal near the DC/MD line.

I learned several new things like that Sweet Gum trees have these weird, natural ridges on the tops of their branches. I always thought that was just cicada damage!

Then I saw, clear as day, the different between the colorations on a White Oak and a Red Oak. I will not confuse those again.

Also, I did not know that nearby Redwood Terrace is actually lined with Dawn Redwoods! Most of the streets around me have plant-related names, like Geranium Place and Aspen Street, but who knew this one was so appropriate? What came first I wonder, the street name or the tree planting?
   Dawn Redwoods were thought to be extinct until being rediscovered in 1944 in China. Now you'll find them planted all over DC thanks to National Geographic and many enthusiastic tree lovers.

Here is a link to the album on my FaceBook page.

If Casey Trees offers this fascinating walk again, I highly recommend it.

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