Friday, January 15, 2010

Signs of Life on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Indoors I have African violets and paperwhite blooms galore, but outside is just a wash of grey-brown blech for this month's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Or so I thought. I went out after lunch and looked for signs of life returning to my Mid-Atlantic garden on the Maryland/DC border. Found lots of buds swelling up. My Winter Jasmine still looks a coupke weeks away from blooming, which is definitely behind schedule. Who can blame it though? I feel the same away due to the after weeks of relentless below-freezing temps, constant drying winds, and not much else since last Thanksgiving. Today's sun and 50-degree high mark was a true blessing. Chantilly (the cat) and I took a short sun bath in the upstairs rooms after yoga this morning. Felt so good.


Japanese Iris

Winter Jasmine

Star Magnolia

Hellebore (Lenten Rose)


  1. Buds: the promise of things to come. Next month or the next will be marvelous on Bloom Day. Hope springs eternal.

  2. Thanks, Nell Jean. Now that I've "scouted" them I'm going to check on these buds daily :-)

  3. It's almost as much fun to study buds as to look at flowers. One of my favorite passages in Karel Capek's The Gardener's Year is his paragraph about buds. Must re-read it soon.....

  4. Your photos prompted me to go check my hellebores. Love those beauties and their wonderful early signs of spring.


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