Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks for the Bumps

We've gotten some really nice press and coverage lately. Thought I'd collect a few links here and share. I shall refer back to this post on my darker, "why am I doing this again and working 100+ hours a week" days.

~ WAMU 88.5 FM American University Radio
Metro Connection Friday January 29, 2010. Gardening with Kathy Jentz: The 2010 Seed Exchange. Listen to me online anytime (also linked in previous post)

~ Mike McGrath has been Garden Editor for WTOP radio talked on-air a week or so back about "Seed Starting and Grubs" including: "You'll have the chance to do it all and more when the Washington Gardener Magazine helps celebrate National Seed Swap Day on Saturday, Jan. 30. ..." Full text here

~ Susan Reimer talks about our event here at and gives one of our featured speakers, Barb Melera of D Landreth Seeds, a much deserved plug here.

~ Stephanie Cohen, the Perennial Diva, wrote on my FaceBook wall:
"Dear Kathy-A healthy and a happy!!!!! I love your magazine. Everyone in your area take note. It is excellent."

~ Crystal, a local garden blogger, says: "What a wonderful great local gardening source! The magazine is put together so extremely well and is a verifiable goldmine of useful information, with loads of ideas & tips all throughout. Best of all, the magazine is tailored precisely to a local audience of passionate gardeners like me. I am so happy to have discovered this gem..."


  1. I don't know how you do it all. Really.

    I do think you're doing an amazing job creating a meaningful and fun community for gardeners in our area.

    Didn't make the seed exchange but I know every person had a wonderful time! Kudos!


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