Monday, January 11, 2010

Battling Garden Thugs! Our Winter issue gives you the war plan

Our Winter issue of Washington Gardener Magazine has hit the streets and I'm hearing from a bunch of folks who are enjoying the features including a profile of Melanie Choukas-Bradley, author of The City of Trees. What City, you might ask? Why Washington, DC, of course! See my previous blog post for a taste of the city's tree-mendous tree canopy.

The cover story is on Garden Thugs. I had a great time researching and writing this one. Defining a "thug" was my first step and I stumbled right into a thorny "natives" controversy with some of my sources adamantly maintaining that by definition a native plant cannot possibly be a garden thug. You can guess where I filed that argument.

Also in this issue are Unusual Edibles by Cindy Brown. From Cardoon to Chinese Okra, she shares her tips on how to grow these exotics here in the Mid-Atlantic and even throws in a tasty Bok Choy recipe to tempt you into stretching your garden palate.

Then we take a day trip out to Riversdale House in Riverdale Park, MD. No, that extra "s" is not a typo, there were multiple nearby rivers when this Federal-era estate was built near the PG County-Washington, DC border. Tucked into that daytrip article is a side-bar on Winter Cover Crops for our area. Sarah Urdaneta, Riversdale gardener, trialed and tested several and gives her top choices.

You'll also find in this issue:
~ a plant profile feature on Red Twig Dogwoods
~ a how-to article on Seed Starting Basics
~ a short warning piece about newly developing Round-Up Resistant Weeds
~ 5 New Plant Picks for 2010
~ our Insect column focuses on Stopping Mealybugs
~ a club meeting with the Washington Daffodil Society
and much, much more.

The Winter 2009-10 issue of Washington Gardener Magazine is now out and has been mailed to subscribers. It should be hitting the local stores shortly as well (Borders, Barnes & Noble, Politics & Prose, etc.) You can buy the individual from us by sending a check for $4.99 to Washington Gardener, 826 Philadelphia Ave., Silver Spring MD 20910 or subscribe for the full year for $20 and we'll start you off with the Winter issue. You can also subscribe online via PayPal using this link.


  1. Been scoping out the stores, eagerly awaiting the new issue. I'm looking forward to reading lots of these articles!

  2. Should hit area Borders and all this week, if not alreday there - they re-stock on Thursdays I believe. You can also direct contact me for copies as well.
    Next "live" event I'm doing is the GW Landascape Design school career day fair - open to all - on Sat afternoon 1/23 near King Street metro in NoVa.

  3. Got my copy today! I was looking in the gardening section, but remembered that B&N keeps them in the local section (with Bethesda, Annapolis, etc.). I can see why, but a bit counterintuitive. If I were strolling the mag stands looking for a good gardening magazine, I might miss it hiding in another section. Anyway, skimmed the issue for just a bit while waiting for my coffee. I always enjoy the interviews in the mag.

  4. Thanks, Wendy - and for letting me know B&N puts the mag under "local" - while Borders and others do it under "gardening." Now can I talk th stores into placing it in both categories is the big question?!

  5. Anonymous1:37 AM

    I checked in my local borders and did not find the mag in gardening.


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