Monday, May 25, 2009

Procrastinating 101

In the midst of weeding and moving plants, I decided my white bench by the pond and white fence was just dull and needed some pop. I went inside and looked over my paint can collection. Out of purple, darn. I had a Barbie pink used in my upstairs bathroom for the vanity cabinet and a bright blue-green that I have never opened and think I'd intended for a closet interior originally. I brought both cans out in the sun and compared colors against the surrounding plantings. The hot pink was the clear winner. Two coats later I have that pop of color. Anything but weeding, right?

An aside to my fellow garden writers who are trialing Proven Winners newest annuals, the pots in front of the bench are my combinations. I'll share another closer photo of them when I get a chance. I have them lined up by the pond to get maximum sun exposure and fill in before I have the Washington Gardener Magazine Open Garden in two weekends.


  1. That definitely pops! I love it!

  2. Anonymous2:07 AM

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  3. Oh my word!!! I love the Barbie pink bench! Gotta see more!


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