Friday, May 01, 2009

Can You ID this Mysery Flower?

Pictured here is a flower that sprung up this week among my daffodils by my lilacs on the front street corner. (Click on it to see a larger version of the photo.)

It is whole new variety I've never seen before. Until I get a positive ID, I'm going to call it Tulipa paperorgamius.

Normally, I'd blame the squirrels for this, as they often move my tulip bulbs to inconvenient spots. I have a bright red tulip coming up in a patch of pinks and purples, which might have been attractive except that the red is on the orange-y side and just clashes badly there.

In this case though I'm thinking the new tulip was deposited by one of the hundreds Montgomery College of Art students that pass by my place weekly. I have brought it inside and out of the rain to preserve the bloom's beauty.

I've been wait-listed for the Cathedral FlowerMart so you will not find me in a booth there today. I'm looking at this as a mixed blessings. By missing the FM, I'll be missing many readers and customers, but I do get to run around and see the other FM vendors and visit three other events today including the Landon Azalea Fest, a flower show at Strathmore, and a garden book talk this eve in Georgetown.

Tomorrow (Sat. May 2), if I'm still not off the wait list, I'll use the time to get the Washington Gardener Enewsletter and Web site files updated and back online. Since the computer crash two weeks ago I've discovered several missing and vital files from my system that I have to rebuild for that to happen. *Sigh* I was due for an update and re-launch anyway. After that, maybe even get some time to plant some of my new purchases in the garden.

This Sunday, I volunteer at the Takoma House & Garden Tour and I've invited some friends and garden club ladies over for tea in my gazebo afterwards. We hash over what we saw on the tour and maybe one of them can positively ID my new mystery flower!

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