Friday, May 22, 2009

Beat the Pests.. and the Heat

I'll be on WAMU 88.5FM at 1pm today on Metro Connection show - you can listen online at ( or check out the archives an hour later. It also repeats a few times over the weekend. Pictured here is the WAMU building right near Tenleytown metro and the jumble of high radio towers on Wisconsin Avenue.

We are discussing our current cover story of annuals that don't give out in DC's hot and humid summers. I've got a bunch of purple pansies that are still going strong in my shaded window boxes, but I expect to have to yank them out as usual around my birthday (June 4 hint, hint) when we have a few 90+ degrees days and almost as equally as hot nights.

Also chatting on-air about garden bests -- woodchucks specifically. Though you know that deer and rabbits will pop up in conversation as they do so frequently in DC-area gardens.

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