My Favorite Gardening Task: Containers!

Finally had a couple hours this past weekend to indulge in my my favorite gardening task: potting up my big summer containers. I have 9 containers that are about 2-3 ft in diameter and height (and bigger). I use them as anchors for different planting beds as different perennials go in and out of bloom. I also use them to guide foot traffic around the garden and even to block cars from coming too far into my driveway. Here you see some of them pictured in my "gathering materials" stage.

This task has been delayed for a few weeks by a late plant shipment, so when the annuals finally did arrive I was a ball of anticipatory energy ready to go! The time flies as I line up all my annuals by color groupings, size, and growth habits. There are the coleus cuttings I've wintered over, the petunias that reseeded themselves, the plants I've swapped for, and most exciting of all the new sample plants sent by breeders and growers. I like to try out different color combinations each year. This year, I have a big pot of all royal purple and hot red blooms with a black canna in the middle. Other combinations I created this season are peach and yellow; lime green, yellow, and white; and a medley of different pinks. I'll share photos as the containers fill out.

So what is your favorite garden task?


Mark said…
Danielle Meitiv said…
I love digging new beds and putting out seeds and young plants. Least favorite: watering - I never remember to do it!
Looking forward to seeing your new containers on my neighborhood rambles
Anonymous said…
I seem to have trouble keeping nutrients in my containers. I think sometimes the nutrients wash out of the the container. If I keep the water in, I have other issues with bugs and dead plants. Could you talk about how plants should be keep healthy in containers?

Mark - harvesting is joyful, isn't it?!

Danielle - agreed, watering is a pain. Cannot wait for some rain!

Anon - for containers, I recommend mixing in a water-holding polymer (like SoilMoist)with the new potting soil each year as you re-do your containers. Also, a liquid fertilizer every 2-3 weeks also helps replace the nutrients in the soil that get washed away by frequent watering.
Anonymous said…
Great thanks for the tips

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