Fenton Friday: Tomatoes May Go, Rest Looking Good

Sad Tomato
Well, in the past two weeks since I have put in the tomato plants at my Fenton Community Garden plot, there have been 4 days of 100+ degree heat and NO measurable rainfall. Though I have babied them and given them lots of water, my tomatoes are just looking awful -- a dull, olive green and wilty. I will see how it goes over the next few days, but if they do not recover, am thinking I will yank most of them and put in new seedling plants and hope/pray/beg for a return to "normal" June weather.

On the plus side, the rest of my plantings seem to be thriving. One thing is for sure, the okra likes the heat!


Cucumber seedlings at 10 days
1st appearance of watermelon seedlings!




Anonymous said…
My tomatoes were looking rather pale and sickly at Fenton too, so I gave them a few doses of fish emulsion and that seems to have helped get them green and growing. I think the lack of soil fertility is more of a problem in our garden than the lack of water. I hope your tomatoes can rally! -Anne
Thanks, Anne, will try fish emulsion on a few a see if that helps. Really think though they got sun-scorched and may have to go again from scratch.

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