MANTS Overboard!

MANTS takes place this week in Baltimore and if you are at all involved in horticulture in the Mid-Atlantic region, you are already there. Thanks to Ryan McGrath at Spring Meadows Nursery (aka Proven Winners) for hosting us at lunch (pictured at left). Here are a few highlight pics from today.

Steve Dubik, Montgomery County, MD Master Gardener Coordinator

Susan Harris of GardenRant fame (on right)

Jane Berger of Garden Design Online who let me tag along with her today (at left) with USNA's Dr Margaret Pooler (middle)

Thought this poster said it all.

Janet Draper (at right) garden guru of the Smithsonian's Ripley Garden.

Barbara Melera of D Landreth Seed Company


Kenneth Moore said…
It might be a good thing I can't make it this week. I would spend my entire paycheck on that seed rack!
amanda mcclean said…
Thanks for posting about this!
Yes, Kenneth, it is easy to let your buying get out of control esp at wholesale prices!

You're welcome, Amanda - if you go, be sure to were comfy shoes!
rb said…
I wish this was open to the public. I drove by yesterday and was very jealous. Maybe you could raffle off a ticket next year.
Hi RB -
Even though this is a trade event, I see many non-business folk paying their $15 and going in. Not Sure MANTS wants me to really publicize that fact...

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