Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

On the Capitol Hill House & Garden Tour last weekend there were curb your dog signs everywhere -- many were humorous, most were stern. Apparently, dog owners without manners are a BIG problem in that part of the city. I want to make it clear I'm not anti-dog, though I sure am anti-rude-dog-owner.

One house on the tour with a postage-stamp sized front yard not only had a "no doggie squats" sign, but also two gregarious watch cats to enforce it. As I knelt down to take their photo, they came right up for some petting and praise.

Click on the image to enlarge it and you'll see that behind the two cats is also a stone cat statue. I'm guessing that it takes their place when the living cats are on break.


Cyndy said…
I love that photo, and your slogan!
Thanks, Cyndy. I can't take full credit for the slogan - something I heard years ago in a kiddie movie. Wish I could recall which one!
FirePhrase said…
I think it was Homeward Bound, with Michael J. Fox. From the cluttered attic that I like to call my brain.
FP, you may be right - I was thinking smething more recent - but that sounds like it.
Anonymous said…
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