A Weekend in Photos

Catching up again, here are photos from some of the events I attended last holiday weekend:

Friday day, USBG's One Plant - Ours press preview. I wandered around inside the US Botanic Garden afterwards and saw they updated the kid's garden a bit. This tyke was enthusiastically watering away. Where can I hire one of these hard-working garden helpers?

Friday night, hosting the "A Man Named Pearl" discussion panel. Susan Harris does a bang-up job on wrapping it up over at GardenRant.com and posts a more flattering photo. But I liked this one, something about Cheval, Susan, and I laughing and the words "Salvation & Glory" on the movie screen behind us just tickles me pink. What was so funny? I have NO idea. But a good time was had by all.

Saturday morning, the DCUG Plant Swap attracts a crowd. I love this photo 'cause I made them all stop to pose with their first plant choice of the swap. You can just see they are champing at the bit to make that coveted second plant choice. Usually at the end of these swaps we organizers have to get rid of a pile of the last bedraggled, unwanted plants. Not this one. They clean it all out and I could not be prouder. Once again, Susan Harris does a great wrap-up job of the event. This time over at the DC Urban Gardener's own blog.


Mark said…
Don't forget to add kids favorite plant the TickleMe Plant to your garden

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