Open Garden for WG Subscribers

Washington Gardener Magazine subscribers are invited to an open garden this Saturday, 5/31 from 11am-5pm at David Hockstein's home in Colesville, MD. For directions and to RSVP, please contact David directly at 301.622.2883 or David wrote about his "American Garden in the Japanese-Style" in our March/April 2008 issue. The photos in that story were taken in the autumn, so will be interesting to contrast what spring-time there looks like.


Marie said…
Your garden was beautiful in the fall - I will look forward to seeing spring and sumer pictures. I am from the great northern plains, but travel often to the Lake Stevens area in Washington. I have actually experimented by transplanting ferns from WA to Wyoming. I used gardening ideas found at an informational website. My biggest hurdle is lack of moisture and too much wind. LOVE the WA gardener!! :)

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