An Obsession With Tomatoes

My latest radio interview with WAMU: Metro Connection is now archived here. Entitled: Gardening with Kathy Jentz: An Obsession With Tomatoes. Their description: "It's time to plant! And time to grow the best crop of tomatoes we've ever grown. For some it's an obsession. Here to help us sort out our tomato issues is Kathy Jentz, editor and publisher of Washington Gardener Magazine."

It aired last Friday and repeated over the weekend. The great reaction we got while at the Green Springs plant sale day on Saturday was fun to see -- especially those who heard the radio show and where talking to me live almost immediately. How did I finally master being in two places at once? I'll never tell. :-)
Green Springs went very well for us. Gorgeous day, terrific hosts, and I actually sold out of everything I brought with me, which is a good problem to have. It also taught me that as I run out the door to an event and something at the back of my mind nags me to "grab just 5 more issues" that I listen to myself!


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