Guess That Bloom

Yesterday was Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - and yes, I'm late again. And I'm running out the door so no time to list all the fabulous flowers that our wet spring has brought me. But I did get these two quick snaps just now of these great bloom in my garden. Instead of telling you what they are, I'll let you guess -- if too hard, I'll drop some hints later. For guessing purposes, we'll call the flowering vine bloom close-up at left "plant A" and the big pink flowering shrub below "plant B." Put your thinking caps on and start guessing away.


Carol said…
Your late posting, I'm late commenting! Plant A is clematis, though I don't know the variety. I don't know what Plant B is, at least not from the picture.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!
Potato Leaf said…
Yes, A looks like a clematis, perhaps 'Josephine' or 'Princess Alexandra'; and B looks like wiegela of some sort. The editor, however, needs to slow down. But maybe that's what winter is for.
Thanks PL & Carol for your guesses. You both get a "garden queen" prize which is a hardy pat on the back with my ungloved, dirty hand. ;-) Here are the answers:
~ A: Clematis 'Silver Moon' - blooming away in full shade
~ B. Wiegela florida - old-fashioned favorite and full grown at about 8ft.x8ft.

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