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Golden Ragwort Plant Profile

Golden Ragwort Plant Profile

Golden Ragwort (Packera aurea) has bright-green, glossy foliage that hugs the ground and stays evergreen in mild climates. In the spring, it sends up stems between a foot or two high that have black buds at the tip. These buds soon open to reveal golden-yellow, daisy-like flowers that last for several weeks.


The basal foliage spreads along the ground and forms a dense groundcover. It will naturalize in moist areas and self-sow around the garden, if you let it. To curtail that, get out your pruners and dead-head the flowers at the base once the blooms are finished, although part of this plant’s charms are the puffs of spent flowers and its seed heads.


While it prefers moist soils, it will tolerate drier conditions as well as occasional flooding.


Golden Ragwort is adaptable to many situations, making it a great groundcover for an area of the landscape that ranges in sun exposure. It looks good in a shady border or around the margins of a pond. It does equally well in a sunny or shady perennial bed, as long as it receives adequate moisture.


Divide golden ragwort in the spring. Other than that, it is maintenance-free. The flowers are attractive to bees and butterflies.


Like most aster family members, Golden Ragwort is deer- and rabbit-resistant. It is untroubled by most pests and is practically disease-free.


This profile was excerpted from Groundcover Revolution by Kathy Jentz.

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Golden Ragwort: You Can Grow That!

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Audio and text by Kathy Jentz

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