Saturday, August 13, 2022

GardenDC Podcast Episode 115: The Dreaded Spotted Lanternfly

In this episode, we talk with Heather Andrews, The Thoughtful Gardener, about dealing with the spotted lanternfly. The plant profile is on Blackberry Lily and we share what's going on in the garden as well as some upcoming local gardening events.

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~ Spotted Lanternfly Penn State Extension

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The SHOW NOTES: 1:20 Meet Heather Andrews, “The Thoughtful Gardener”! 2:13 Love for animals helps in the garden 3:29 Heather’s childhood pulling weeds and long family history of gardeners 3:57 Connection between bees and garden success 4:30 Surplus of produce yield after introducing pollinators to garden 5:23 Pollinators as pest protection 5:55 Flash flooding from population increase 7:05 Stone walls built around vegetable garden 7:40 Milkweed is a great native plant that supports pollinators 8:19 Spotted lanternflies were unintentionally introduced to PA on landscape stones from Asia 8:54 PA, MD, NY, and other states are under quarantine from spotted lanternflies 10:45 “No dig gardening” method to make beds 11:15 Soil temperature is more important than air temperature 12:20 Heather noticed the spotted lanternfly the most last fall 13:48 Wrapping trees with specific tape to catch the spotted lanternflies 14:10 You must cover the tape with fabric or wire and change the bands so other creatures don’t get caught in it 15:45 Biopesticide being studied to eliminate the spotted lanternflies 16:16 Reports of birds eating the spotted lanternflies too 16:30 Cicada killers are also killing the spotted lanternflies 17:34 Adultspotted lanternflies will leave muddy looking patches on cars and flat surfaces…they’re actually egg masses! 18:24 Be careful not to accidentally introduce them to somewhere else 19:45 The spotted lanternflies are actually very beautiful but it's deceiving 20:15 “Honeydew” is the sticky substance excreted by the spotted lanternflies’’ urine…creates black mold on plants 21:04 Master gardeners have the best advice for getting rid of the spotted lanternflies 21:33 Integrated pest management…do no harm 22:08 Spraying with pesticides can kill everything good in your garden 23:05 Vacuuming up the spotted lanternflies and their egg masses can help 23:30 When spotted lanternflies jump up after being disturbed, using tape wrapped around your hand can create a trap! 23:45 Tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima) is their host plant…get rid of it! 25:04 Bending or crushing the limbs of the Tree of heaven leaves a scent of burnt peanut butter! 27:16 Spotted lanternflies don’t sting or bite 27:35 Many home remedies won’t work 28:28 The Spotted lanternflies don’t really fly but they do jump far 28:50 Map of current quarantine areas: 29:42 Stinging insects are attracted to the sooty black mold created from the spotted lanternflies’ urine 31:16 Removing walnut seedlings can help because the spotted lanternflies congregate on them 31:41 Wild grapevine does the same thing as walnut seedlings 33:37 Monarch butterfly migration is underway…the longest insect migration on earth! 35:18 Plant milkweed! 35:53 Ideally, plant two varieties of milkweed from your area 38:45 Nurseries don’t always have good control over sourcing 40:11 “One caterpillar, if they were an infant, would consume approximately 2,000 cans of formula in 2 weeks.” — Heather 41:55 Surround milkweed with high value nectar sources for native butterflies 43:35 Joe Pye Weed versus the little Joe Pye Weed 44:21 Find Heather on social media as The Thoughtful Gardener and on YouTube 45:25 Even one pot can make a difference for pollinators 46:20 Learn all about Blackberry Lily on this week’s plant profile! 48:02 New in the garden this week: touring Philly and Lancaster gardens, small potato harvest for Montgomery County Fair 49:19 Local gardening events: Fall Fruit Festival in Afton, VA, the 16th Annual Washington Gardener Photo Contest opening reception

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Host and Producer: Kathy Jentz
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