Saturday, December 11, 2021

GardenDC Podcast Episode 86: 2022 Garden Trends

In this episode, we talk with Katie Dubow, president of Garden Media Group, about 2022 Garden Trends. The plant profile is on Aucuba and I thank our Fall 2021 interns. This is the last episode of 2021. We will be back with new episodes in January 2022.

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00:42 Meet Katie! 01:03 “I started there when I was six licking envelopes for my mom” — Katie, on her history with Garden Media Group 04:30 “We had plants and animals all over the house, indoors and out… So I definitely grew up getting my hands dirty” — Katie, on growing up with a green thumb 06:41 Katie talks about GMG’s annual report on gardening trends and its history 07:58 “Nobody else was doing anything on garden trends at that time” — Katie, on her mother coming up with the idea for a trends report 08:37 “I have to be honest, we did not predict the fairy gardening trend” — Katie 09:05 Katie talks about how they gather the information for their reports 10:28 “Social media is so fleeting, so it’s very much in the moment … Oftentime, for trends, it doesn’t help us as much” — Katie 11:14 “Color is FUN” — Katie and Kathy talk about Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2022 13:31 GMG’s “fast flower” trend prediction and how cut flowers are the “gateway” into gardening as a hobby 16:19 Kathy talks about how cut flowers were her inspiration to go gardening crazy 16:53 “I think people are trying to up their game with houseplants” — Katie and Kathy talk about one of the biggest trends recently, especially for beginners 18:04 The “wild curation” trend prediction is one of Katie’s favorites 20:05 Katie talks about Mexico’s Botanical Garden “adoption program” for endangered plants 21:18 “There is a degree of plant blindness” — Kathy talks about people not being aware that plants can go extinct 22:07 “It’s really a wonderful hobby that has enabled people to discover new things and be in nature” — Katie, on the “living television” trend 26:03 Katie talks about the titles of recent reports, like 2022’s “From Crisis to Intervention,” as it relates to how the pandemic impacted our society 27:52 “We could always have more flowers, always have more produce… There are so many jobs that are sitting open” — Kathy and Katie talk about how people turned to the green industry during the pandemic 29:49 Katie talks about being the chair of Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association Board, and how the industry as a whole is struggling against labor shortages and misinformation 31:38 “You don’t have to be a professional a lot of the time to join these organizations — you can be a beginner or a student level” — Kathy 31:54 GardenComm, an organization both Kathy and Katie are a part of, is “great” for beginners 32:28 “You get out what you put in” — Kathy, on the mentor and volunteer programs 33:08 Katie and Kathy talk about the “creator class” trend, where people are pursuing more passion projects and side businesses in the green industry 35:10 “I love to see the rise of solopreneurs because that’s how I started out, and that’s how I still consider myself” — Kathy 35:28 “We like to play on a lot of words” — Katie explains the “zoning board” trend prediction 36:49 The search terms “front yard” or “front porch” “reached a five-year high” online 40:14 Katie and Kathy talk about “hybrid work-play spaces” 41:18 The “bedhead gardening” aka “I woke up like this” trend wasn’t as big as Katie predicted 42:26 “I think it takes a lot of self control” — Kathy, on maintaining a neat look and narrow plant selection in the garden 43:21 “A lot of the trends … hit the cutting room floor” — Katie talks about having to leave out trends in their reports 45:47 You can download GMG’s reports — from 2001 to 2022 — at 46:11 Katie talks about the 2023 trend report already being in the works 46:55 If you’re noticing a trend, you can email about it! 48:02 Learn about the “large evergreen shrub” aucuba plant in this week’s Plant Profile! 49:41 Garden updates: pulling out the last of the annual flowers and thanking the fall interns 51:49 Check out editor Kathy Jentz’s new book with Teri Speight on how to grow a garden with a limited space and budget!

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Episode Credits:
Host and Producer: Kathy Jentz
Interview Edits: Charlotte Crook
Show Notes: Melena DiNenna


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