Wednesday, October 13, 2021

White Wood Aster Plant Profile

White Wood Aster (Aster divaricatus also known as Eurybia divaricata) is a perennial that is hardy to zones 3 to 8 and native to the eastern United States.

The small, white flowers cover the plant in late summer into early fall. The daisy-like blooms are a pollinator favorite. It is the host plant for the caterpillars of the Pearl Crescent and Checkerspot Butterflies. The plant is also quite deer-resistant.

White Wood Aster grows in low mounds and is not picky about soil types. It is a tough plant and does well in part- to full shade.

This plant is very low-maintenance. To stop it from getting too leggy and flopping over, you can cut it back in late spring or early summer to about 6 inches high.

The selection ‘Eastern Star’ is a more compact plant and it received the highest ratings in a study of 119 asters by the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Plant Evaluation Program.

It can form large, dense colonies spreading by underground rhizomes. White Wood Aster tends to also self-sow freely, so cut off the flowers after they bloom, if you want to limit that tendency.

White Wood Aster: You Can Grow That!

The video was produced by Washington Gardener Magazine.

Audio and Text by Kathy Jentz
Video and Editing by Melinda Thompson

Footage gathered at Green Spring Gardens and Brookside Gardens.

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