Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Photo Sales and Reprint Permission

I just love this display this climbing rose on a garden gate in Georgetown, Washington, DC. I took the photo while attending the Georgetown Garden Tour years ago. It is an image I use in various talks as it can illustrate several principles and concepts in small space gardening, such as using climbing vines, creating welcoming entrances, and framing the view. It is also an image that I have seen stolen and used without credit on the Internet.

If you like this photo or ANY photo you see on this blog, in our social media posts, in the Washington Gardener Magazine, or on our web site, and want to purchase it, please contact me at 301.588.6894 or KathyJentz (at) 

If the photo in our publication was not taken by me, I'm happy to put you in direct contact with the original photographer. Our main staff shutterbug, Drena J. Galarza, has taken many wonderful shots for us -- as have Dan Weil and our other freelancers.

Note: Any photo seen in our publications -- online or in print -- requires our reprint permission to use them elsewhere. At a minimum, such as for educational purposes, we might ask you to credit Washington Gardener and to link back to this web site. Our prices for most uses are very reasonable and in many cases we will allow photo use in exchange for non-monetary compensation.

I hear horror stories about stolen images popping up all over the web and I understand that is the nature of the Internet beast. It is also why I post low-res images to this blog and our other online outlets. Almost all the photos you see from us have high-res and alternate versions.

I hope others will take the time to educate themselves on photo copyright law. (Google "Dunner Law" and "online images" for a good primer.)

- Kathy

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