Monday, February 01, 2021

DIY: Metal Flower

This metal flower idea came to me as a way to make inexpensive floral wall art. I plan on making several in different sizes to create a mural. I chose a waterlily shape and design for this one. You could adapt the petal shapes to be more rounded and make the flower into a rose or peony as you wish.

This craft is fairly easy to make, but due to the SHARP edges of the metal pieces I would not recommend this for children.

Level: moderate   Cost: inexpensive   Use: gift/decorative 

- Center stamen piece*

Step 1:
Flatten your tins and cut off the edge/side areas.
Step 2: Cut out a bottom leaf base design.
Step 3: Cut out petal shapes. The shapes should be narrowed, tapered, or rounded off on each end. Make a minimum of 7-9 for the first layer that are about 6-8 inches long, then 5-7 for the middle layer that are about 4-6 inches long, and finally, cut 3-5 for the top layer that are shorter still.
Step 4: Paint the leaf base green and the petal shapes. I did a green base with a yellow wash on the leaf base. I painted the largest petals red, the medium ones a straight pink, and the smallest ones a pale pink.
Step 5: Glue the petals onto the leaf base starting with the largest layer to the smallest, Be sure to alternate them to mimic how flower petals grow.
Step 6: Glue in the center stamens*
Step 7: Pinch the ends of each leaves to curve up and look more natural.
*I used an old silk flower that I painted. You could use a bottle cap, a piece of costume jewelry, or anything you think would work. 

Tips and Care:
  • If you want this to last longer or be displayed outdoors, spray it with a clear sealant.
  • For outdoor use, glue it together with marine glue or gorilla glue and wait longer between layers for the glue to cure.
  • Glue a magnet or hanger on the back to display your flower. You can also just set it on top of a stack of books or tie it onto a gift package.
  • Your color scheme can be anything you like. I like the look of a layered effect, but you could make all the petals the same or each layer totally different. 
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