Monday, December 30, 2019

Top 10 Garden Books of 2019

Here is a list of the best gardening books that came out in 2019 as reviewed in Washington Gardener Magazine. (Note that these 10 selections are in no particular order.)

Buy a few of these for yourself and for the plant geeks, garden lovers, and horticultural nerds in your life! (Note that if you click on the links, it takes you to the book's Amazon page and we get a few pennies if you order it from there.)

By Matt Mattus

Our reviewer by Erica H. Smith said, "This book is a trove of advice from a gardener who’s sharing the results of many successes and failures. It’s a deeply useful book for gardeners—and the gorgeous full-color photos remind us that vegetables are pretty, too!"

By Nancy Striniste

Our reviewer Andrea F. Siegel said, "Maybe creating a respite from the electronic gizmo culture isn’t your focus, but reading this book just might send you out to the natural spaces that nourish us, reinvigorate us, soothe us, and open worlds within worlds to us." 

By Jane Hurwitz

Our reviewer Andrea F. Siegel said, "The book is a straightforward, important how-to resource about the type of gardening that supports the entire life cycle of butterflies. It invites readers to grow attuned to the eco-relationships between plants and butterflies, especially those that certain butterflies have with specific plants—like Monarchs and the milkweeds that support the Monarch’s life cycle. Hurwitz’s friendly writing style makes a wealth of information accessible to aspiring and longtime butterfly gardeners, advising all on how to implement the ideas presented and showing them in existing landscapes

By Toni Gattone

Our reviewer Taylor Markey said, "This book would be a perfect gift for anyone you know who is looking for an easy way to get started in gardening and would like some tips on how best to adjust their garden to their lifestyle and preferences. The author provides easy-to-follow steps and tips on how to create a garden that is the best for you, while emphasizing the importance of gardening and the positive results that come from it."

By Clare Nolan

Our reviewer Jamie Moore said, "Nolan’s easygoing prose gives me hope that even I can aspire to grow such charming and beautiful blossoms... This book inspired a successful trip to a local thrift store to beef up my vase collection in anticipation of my new, improved cutting garden... There are several gardening books that I reread annually, to lift my spirits when the winter days are at their coldest and darkest. This book will become one of them."

By Linda Jane Holden

Our reviewer Jim Dronenburg said, "This is a coffee table book, large and heavy. The text makes for interesting reading, but the pictures are incredible. Of course, there is first-class material to work with, but almost all the pictures are gems. The book will probably not be of use to anyone trying to grow things (such as Mellon’s beloved topiaries), but it certainly is an eye-opener for what can be done when you have as much judgment as you have money. The lessons of proportion and scale can be adapted to our lesser gardens."

By Rachael Cohen

Our reviewer Johnny Moseman said, "This book is also filled with stunning images depicting every step along the way of preparing your succulents in the best way possible. There are few pages that do not have a breath-taking picture of succulents. Photographer Marie Monforte knows exactly how to capture the essence of the beautiful little succulents.
   Overall, Infinite Succulent, provides a great, in-depth look at how to care for succulents throughout the year. It is a must-read if you have any interest in making your array of succulents the best it can be."

By Joel Karsten 

Our reviewer Alexa Silverberg said, "This book is great because it is so detailed. Karsten uses real pictures, drawings, and charts to thoroughly explain how to use straw bales to garden. This is the perfect book for those looking to branch out in their gardening adventures, or those who are struggling to make the most of their gardening space."

9. Sprout Lands: Tending the Endless Gift of Trees

By William Bryant Logan

Our reviewer Alexandra Marquez said, "This isn’t a typical, must-read book for gardeners, but it’s a valuable journey into the history of trees and their importance to humans. It will leave you with an appreciation for those giant plants that we may not tend to every season like our hydrangeas or squashes, but that are just as integral to our lives as the plants we do tend to dearly."

By Michael Judd

Our reviewer Jessica Kranz said, "If you are looking to start growing pawpaws, Michael Judd’s new book is what you should read next. In this book, Judd takes you step-by-step through the best practices for growing and caring for the pawpaw fruit... This book is a terrific guide for growing and harvesting pawpaw trees. It has tons of beautiful photos and I recommend this book if you are looking to grow your own pawpaw tree."

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