Sunday, December 01, 2019

DIY: Leaf Rose

Get ready for the holiday season by making some of your very own decorations or gifts! These "roses" can easily be made with materials around your house and around your yard. (Note: This is an easy project that can be done in a matter of minutes by adults, but is not recommended for small children because it requires fine motor skills that they may not have yet developed.) 



1. Pick out one leaf to start with. Fold top points of leaf down. Roll leaf tightly from left to right, vertically. Start wrapping floral wire around the base of the leaf to help keep its shape. 

2. Grab another leaf and fold down the top, then wrap it around the first leaf. Repeat this step and add more leaves (one at a time) to create different layers for your rose. Wrap floral wire around the base of each leaf that you add. Wrap loosely for more of a blooming rose effect or tightly for a rosebud display.

3. Once you are content with the size and look of your rose, wrap green floral tape around the end of your leaves and down the floral wire to create a stem for your rose. 

*Maple leaves seem to work the best, but you can experiment with various shapes and sizes. Freshly fallen autumn leaves are ideal as they are still pliable and easy to work with, once they start drying out they will be too brittle.

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Fold down top of leaf.

Roll starting on one side.
Layer on more leaves and bind with a wire.
Keep adding until you are satisfied with the "petal" layers.

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