Sunday, September 01, 2019

DIY: Painted Allium


 This is an easy and fun project. The color combinations are as wide as your imagination. Try metallics in winter or bright jewel tones in summer. Pop them around your garden to add color in any season. You can also use these in a modern floral arrangement in a vase. 

Usually, this project is done with dried allium flowers, but you can use other perennial flowers as well such as Astilbe or Echinacea.


  • Gather your allium flowers after they have dried on the plant
  • Choose a location to paint the allium that is well ventilated (ideally, outdoors) and spread cardboard or newspaper out
  • Determine what direction the wind is blowing and plan to spray with your back to the wind -- wear gloves, mask, and clothing that you don't mind getting paint on
  • Insert or attach a dowel rod onto the base of the allium flowers and wrap with floral tape, if the stems are not strong or need reinforcement
  • Hold the dowel/stem of the allium and spraying the bloom while rotating it to fully cover all parts of the flower
  • Lay down or hang the flowers to let them dry
  • Optional: Put a piece of cardboard just under the flower to act as a protective collar and spray the dowel/stem green
        You can also use this collar method to spray dried flowers that are still attached to the plants in a container or a garden bed. 

    These painted flowers can last for years inside or only a season outside. Add a layer of shellac spray to keep them intact longer.

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    1. Wow, this idea is awesome! Not only with alliums but also with other dried plants. What I like about your diy is that it looks very realistic and does not require much work. I have to try it with my kids, they will have lots of fun! The variety of alliums I have in my garden is schubertii which I got from . I think that yours are higher but mine will look perfect in vase. Again, thank you for this post, I will recreate it.

      1. Glad you like it and yes, should work great with schubertii too.


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