Top 10 New Books for Gardeners

Here is a selection of new books (published in 2016) that were reviewed in Washington Gardener Magazine. I have a given a snippet of the review below each book. To read the full reviews, go peruse our back issues at I think these books would make great gifts for the gardeners in your life as well as to gift yourself for reading during winter's bleakest days.

1. The Cocktail Hour Garden: Creating Evening Landscapes for Relaxation and Entertaining

Our reviewer said: "I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to adopting its basic principles in my garden."

2. All the Presidents' Gardens: Madison's Cabbages to Kennedy's Roses_How the White House Grounds Have Grown with America

"I found the book a fun read and good reference," commented our reviewer "It would make a great gift for a local gardener or one who loves the history of the White House."

3. Bonsai and Penjing: Ambassadors of Peace & Beauty

"This book would be a good coffee-table piece, a great addition for anyone interested in bonsai trees or plant history, or a souvenir from the National Arboretum," said our reviewer.

4.  Grow For Flavor: Tips and Tricks to Supercharge the Flavor of Homegrown Harvests

Our reviewer raved, "'Grow for Flavor' makes the latest horticultural research accessible to the home gardener. Bursting with ideas, it invites frequent returns and sparks further adventures in gardening."

5. Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture: 20 Step-by-Step Projects Anyone Can Build

"Overall, the book is a very satisfying do-it-yourself guide with tasteful and varied projects," said our reviewer, "but could intimidate those who may find the prospect of simply screwing in all the slats to a bench perfectly straight a little daunting. It should be highly considered as a project book for anyone looking to add some character to his or her yard or garden."

6. Natural Color: Vibrant Plant Dye Projects for Your Home and Wardrobe

Our reviewer said, "The book is hardcover, colorful, and contains several photos of dyed fabrics, flowers in the natural form, and plants at various stages of extracting their dye.
It is a nice flip book or conversation starter. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially fashion designers wanting to dye their own fabric and anyone who is interested in doing some natural tie dying."

7. Garden Revolution: How Our Landscapes Can Be a Source of Environmental Change by Larry Weaner (2016-05-18)

"I strongly feel this book has a place beside every beginning or seasoned gardener’s favorite chair, so it is readily accessible. The ideal of how we can create our own revolutionary experience in our gardens has been achieved by the collaboration of Larry Weaner and Thomas Christopher," said our reviewer.

8. RHS Miniature Garden Grower: Terrariums & Other Tiny Gardens to Grow Indoors & Out by Holly Farrell (2016-06-02)

Our reviewer said, "'Miniature Garden Grower' is the perfect guide to planting creative small gardens in ways that one may have never thought about. The book provides a large amount of variety and is well organized, providing inspiration to the reader."

9. 101 Chilies to Try Before You Die

"This book is of interest to anybody growing chilies and in having colorful and visually interesting vegetables in his or her garden—no matter how big or small. The book itself makes a handy reference work and certainly a good gift for anybody interested in gardening," said our reviewer.

10. Late Bloomer: How to Garden with Comfort, Ease and Simplicity in the Second Half of Life

Our reviewer said, "I recommend this book if you have just begun your garden journey upon entering the next phase of life. It’s a great read with useful hints and tips, no matter what age you are!"

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