Friday, November 04, 2016

Snapdragon: You Can Grow That!

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) are a cool season annual (sometimes a tender perennial) like pansies and violas that bloom in the shoulder seasons (early spring and late fall). They stop blooming through the coldest part of winter, but hold on to their green foliage for us here in the Mid-Atlantic (USDA zone 7).

Snapdragons make excellent container plants and it flowers in a wide range of colors from whites, oranges, and yellows to pinks and purples.

The common name "snapdragon", originates from the flowers' reaction to having their throats squeezed, which causes the "mouth" of the flower to snap open like a dragon's mouth.

Snapdragons are low-care. Just plant them in a sunny spot and make sure they do not entirely dry out. Mulching and snipping off their spent blossoms can help them stay healthy and floriferous*, but is not required.

And, oh yeah, they are deer-resistant! That makes them pretty useful among other cool-season annuals that are practically deer and rabbit candy. So, if you have a bare spot in a bed or container in the cooler gardening months, think about adding snapdragons.

*floriferous = continually bearing lots of flowers

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