2017 Garden Book Club Picks

Here are the 2017 Garden Book Club Picks:  

Garden Revolution by Larry Weaner - Winter (February)

The Triumph of Seeds by Thor Hanson - Spring (April)

Big Dreams, Small Garden by Marianne Willburn - Summer (July)

Ghost Image by Ellen Crosby (fiction) - Fall (November)

The Washington Gardener Magazine's Garden Book Club is free and open to all. We meet quarterly on a weekday evening near a metro-accessible location in the DC-area. We will announce the details of each upcoming meeting about two months in advance. Please check back on this blog for schedule updates and announcements.

Here are some more suggested titles that were not picked:

All the President's Gardens by Marta McDowell

Urban Forests by Jill Jones

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren
The Garden Awakening: Designs to Nurture our Land and Ourselves by Mary Reynolds.

The Writer's Garden: How gardens inspired our best-loved authors by Jackie Bennett

The Hidden Life of Trees: What they Feel, How they Communicate by Peter Wohlleben

The Seed Thief by Jacqui L'Ange

The $64 Tomato by William Alexander

The Beak of the Finch by Jonathan Weiner
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