Friday, May 30, 2014

Fenton Friday: Salad Days... Again

We had a few very warm days and then several days of rain this week. My spinach is already bolting, but what is really weird is that my spinach seeds and my cilantro seeds are coming up in the same row (pictured here). I think one of the seeds "merged" into the other during one of the 3+ inch rain storms we had earlier this season. So now I'm having to carefully pluck out the spinach leaves out from among the more fast-growing cilantro as I have found the two greens definitely do NOT go together taste-wise.

Elsewhere in my community garden plot, I have harvested two quarts of strawberries and 50+ radishes. In a fit of optimism, I re-seeded one row of radish with 'Cherry Belle' seeds. I'm not sure we will have many more cool days ahead for these to mature properly, but I thought why not take the chance?

I have also given away a few newspaper sleeves full of salad greens and eaten a few salads for dinner myself. Shockingly, I have found out that I have a real passion for Arugula. There is something so addictive about that sharp, full, nutty flavor. I did not have that many seeds of it planted, so I only use a little bit at a time on each salad, but it sure does give it a nice kick!

I managed to plant a few tomatoes and weed out most of the tiny crabgrass invasion that threatens to take over my plot. I also started a container of nasturtium seeds and a row of lisianthus flowers. There are still several tomato, pepper, and herb plants to go in next week as well as a number of things I want to start from seed - okra, melon, etc.

So how is your plot growing?

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