Friday, May 02, 2014

Fenton Friday: Broccoli Crowned

I have not been in my community garden plot all week due to the crazy-busy garden event season going on and the monsoons we had mid-week. Local measurements show 5 inches in one day and that one stormed dropped over an inch of rain within one hour! We have not seen this kind of precipitation levels since the last hurricane came through.

I ran over to check on the plot today and everything is actually looking pretty good. All the seedlings are up now, even the notoriously slow carrots.

I pulled back my cover cloth today to reveal some tall broccoli plants that are developing nicely. I recovered them and will keep a close eye on the weather. I want to see how big of crowns I can get on the plants before the heat sets in and makes them bolt (set seed).

How is your garden growing this week?

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