Friday, May 16, 2014

Fenton Friday: A Rash of Radishes

It has been another weird weather week at my Fenton Community Garden plot. Two days that hit near or over 90 degrees and then yesterday brought a deluge -- over 2 inches of rain overnight.

Now, I'm getting word of a frost-alert for the next few nights, which means I'll be running over to cover and uncover the tender plants each morning and night.

It has been so hectic with various spring garden events that the only thing I was able to do in the plot so far was to "thin" the 'French Breakfast' radishes. The thinnings are pictured here and I've already eaten about 10 of them before taking the photo.

The only other thing I accomplished in my plot was a bit of weeding as some kind of thistle has exploded and I would to grab them now before their long taproots became established.

The strawberries are ripening up so I'm keeping an eagle eye on them to beat any slugs or ants to the punch. I cannot wait to have them with my morning cereal!

I have a long to-do list for the plot that I hope to tackle early next week including planting my tomatoes, starting okra and melon seeds, and putting in a lisianthus flower border from plugs I bought from a local cut flower grower.

What is growing in your edible garden this week?

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