Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blue Skies Over Leesburg

Last Monday, David Furst of WAMU's Metro Connection and I went Virginia Bluebell Peeping at Carderock and taped a radio segment for that aired on Friday and repeated yesterday. Listen to the archived radio segment linked here. (If you don't find it at first, search under my name "Kathy Jentz".) I blogged about the location of our bluebell peeping spot and other suggested prime spots for peeping in a post here.

At our Washington Gardener Magazine booth at the Leesburg Flower & Garden Fest, many folks have come by to comment on enjoying the radio piece and that they too have been bluebell peeing on this glorious spring weekend. If you get a Chance to come out to Leesburg today, please stop on by.
UPDATE: Finally got a chance to upload some of my Leesburg photos and post them here. Enjoy!

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