Tuesday, November 04, 2008

WHO you gonna call?

The WHOmobile aka White House Organic Farm Project rolled into DC this past weekend. I stopped by to check it out at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. Yes, the same site, as some loyal blog readers will recall, of our most controversial post to date.

This time it was a bit more feel-good of an event, though I did witness one older gentleman haranguing the WHO crew about just how they were going to have an organic farm on White House property when in this day and age security is such a top concern. Really, is that what it comes down to? If we give up a pesticide-soaked front lawn, the President will suffer bodily harm?!? Are our choices and our thinking really so limited in the 21st Century? Come on. There really is no reason that the same maintenance staff who diligently mows, blows, edges, and sprays the White House lawn can't be employed in more earth-friendly lawn practices, at the very least, and maybe even plant a few rows of edibles as symbol of a more sustainable shift in thinking of the new current White House resident. Count me in as one who thinks we can achieve, if we just believe.

I'm off to vote.

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  1. TheWhoFarm plans on attending Thursday Nov 6 farmers market at Penn Quarter and will be at the Green Festival on Sunday November 8. Please come check us out.


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