Send in those Event Listings - Don't Be Shy!

Here is an online link to this week's Top 5 Home & Garden Events listing on page 27 of today's print edition. Pick up the Washington Examiner at any area metro station. Of these 5, I'll definitely be at the Kentlands tour. It is one of the area tours that is every-other-year, which I find irksome since if it is not annual than it definitely falls off my calendar and my radar. Luckily, I did track down the organizers and get the information in time for this listing and to attend.

More and more though I find being so time-stressed that in the groups are not proactive and contacting me with their details, that in the future it will only be the squeaky wheels that get the grease. In other words, if you are coordinating ant DC-area garden events - drop me a line several weeks before it takes place or you'll miss out on very valuable (free!) publicity!

I went on the Kentlands tour in 2005 and could have sworn I had taken photos on it, but for the life of me cannot find any in my computer files. So the picture above is cribbed from their web site - taken by a Helen Jurkowski. I will be taking plenty of photos this year and bringing along Peggy Chang, a photography friend as well to capture as much useable images as we can.
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